To-DO, To-Day

Good Monday morning!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday (Mr Gem & I went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and had a super time! - those Florida Resident Annual Passes are the BEST investment! )

Today's agenda includes clearing off the ENTIRE art room worktable (show below, in it's current state of creative chaos) as I need the full space to work on a four by six foot "canvas" (wallpaper) for an art piece being created for and donated to the FAVO (Faith Arts Village Orlando) opening May 2nd, 2014. I *believe* all the finished art banners are to be auctioned off, but I will have to check with another artist on that for sure.

In between drying stages I'll be doing some more webwork -- I'm getting the hang of this new site now and I pretty much LOVE it! Still need to make some tweaks and changes, and add more gallery images, and refine some things but all-in-all I feel moving to SquareSpace was a really great idea. I feel more productive already!

CREATE - what? a superhuge disaster zone? DONE!

CREATE - what? a superhuge disaster zone? DONE!

Ok then - off to wrangle THIS Gigantasaurus Mess into submission!  have a super day!

~ gem