Leftovers, Shmeftovers!

Good evening troops! D'ja just wake up from your Turkey-Day food coma? Or have ya been up since the buttcrack of dawn getting your (cough-INSANE-cough) holiday kickoff shop on? Either way, here's a couple things you should know:

KLATCHAPALOOZA is LIVE! If you've not yet, now's the time - to get on Facebook and join this closed group: Klatchapalooza Handmade Art Market - 20 artists and makers holding a 4-day pop-up shop featuring all new handmade art and gifts EXCLUSIVE to this event! (see? I SAID NO LEFTOVERS!) It's only on Facebook and only until December 1st. Better get there, cuz most items are one-offs and once they're sold that's it. First come first served, so if you see it & like it, I suggest you BUY it. Here's a sampling of what *I* made for this market -

These are the first of my all-new collages & paintings available ONLY at the Klatch!

These are the first of my all-new collages & paintings available ONLY at the Klatch!

I have a handful more items to list over the next 3 days, to keep my stock fresh, so plan to stop by once a day to check it out. I know several other's are doing the same. OH! ALSO! Another reason to get in on this --> FREE. STUFF. Oh yeah yaheardme - tomorrow (Saturday Nov 29) is our one day doorprizeapalooza too! EVERYONE in the members list is entered in the random draw for some 15 participating-artist-donated prizes, valued at approx $20 so - how can you resist THAT? 



Annnnnd finally, in the "spirit" of BlackFridaySmallBizSaturdaysomethingwhateverSunday and CyberMonday - lemme just go ahead and offer you a 25% off discount code for BOTH my etsy shop and webstore - good RIGHT!NOW! thru Monday, December 1st

Yay! Discounts!

Yay! Discounts!

Just go to the "Available Art" page right here on gemgirlart OR follow the link to my etsy shop and use the code SHOPSMALL14 in the checkout at either place to get 25% off your order :)

Now go have a great weekend, and THANK YOU for supporting independent makers & artists!


AFC Pink Inchies

Here's my first step for the process of a new project I am currently working on:

Pink Inchies

- created for a charity art auction for breast cancer awareness via Art For Cures, which is run by the super talented, ever-creative, fount of seemingly endless energy




) ...

I started with a 9x12 sheet of 140lb watercolor paper I prepped using my

salted watercolor BG technique

, using some metallic pan watercolor and a bit of red-pink tube color that I watered way down and used as a wash on parts of the front as well as the entire reverse of the paper, to give just a bit of color to the back of the pieces instead of leaving them white (

I don't feel a piece is really finished unless I've done something to the back as well, so most of my paperart work will usually be arted on both the front and back in some way


We're supposed to be using Ria's "collage 88" technique, in which you collage your entire work on one single 8.5x11 paper then cut it up into 88 inchies, and then add any embellishements or whatever. Which is actually the way I normally do a set of inchies anyway (

paint, collage, etc an entire BG sheet, then cut the squares, then add "extras")

I'm just using a larger sheet of paper, which should yield more inchies, right? Yeah well, we'll get to that later ... So I start collaging (

now remember the color theme of this project is shades of PINK, with some minor black, white or silver the only other colors allowed

) with pink shaded papers from my stash (

some KoolAid stained sheet music and papertowel bits, some tissue paper and pink mulberry scraps

) - and here's where I make a mistake right off the bat.

I end up almost completely covering my beautifully textured shimmery pink watercolor background! I shoulda (

coulda, woulda

) collaged on the BACKSIDE that had the plain pale pink, and let the pretty side be the reverse which would show nicely under the backplates but!

Oh well

, too late now, yeah? So I was kinda GRR'd about that for a bit but let's just move on ... Once I finished my collaging -

and yes that last picture is it, I didn't do a whole lot of collaging as far as the actual design, more just a buildup of the background

- I decided against any rubberstamping or doodling on the whole (

though I had originally planned to splatter paint a little bit at this point, to help tie all the collagy-ness together a bit better - but, well, I just forgot. Woops

.), so I went ahead and proceeding to the cutting them up stage:

And here's where mistake number two rears it's head. From a 9x12 sheet of paper I should get 108 individual inchies (

88 to send in for the swap, plus a nice batch of extras to provide the host some more material for the auction goods

) But for whatever reason, the last 2 strips or so do not come out to be a full inch wide. Did I make a mistake and cut a tenth of an inch too big on some earlier strips? Is the trimmer in need of a new (

whatever the little rubber cutty-strip piece is called? and the answer there is YES, it is. I think I have maybe one good edge left on it before it's totally shot

) Can I just not measure correctly? (

also a yes

.) So anyhow I'm left with approximately 94 inchies all told and not even all of those are compleeetley 1" square (grr.) so I just barely squeeked in my 88 pieces from that sheet. And here they are, remixed in no particular order:

So that takes care of step one - step two is the addition of my "goddesses" and any further embellishments and doodly funstuff. Which I need to get a move on with since these are due to Ria pretty much by week's end (!) And I'll post that process later ... maybe ...

~ gem ~


- Here are the finished inchies!

Mermen, Merfolk!

Recently I was in the process of making a little Mermen themed deco for an Nness friend when I came across a want in the Deco PIF (Pay-It-Forward) thread for a Merfolk themed deco ... since I was already doing one, I thought - why not another?

The original idea came about when I was making some new handpainted background papers one day and really liked the aqua-y blue green pages I turned out, they seemed just right for a mystical sea creature project ... didn't wanna make yet another Mermaid themed booklet, so I decided to make a Mermen one instead!

Mermen deco

~ handpainted cover papers with metallic watercolor paints, collaged merman -vintage cartoon image of a king or some royal type figure, with real life fish bodyparts from a magazine, coating of hologram glitter paint for shimmery scales effect- Art Deco style letter stickers for cover text

Merfolk deco

~ this scan is of the interior cover page and front of artists blank pages ... Same metallic watercolor painted background papers for the covers, same method of collage for the "merfolk" as above ... I added divider pages made from discarded map papers (tried to go with ones that had mostly water area showing) in between the blank artists pages, and added a different merfolk figure onto each of the map pages ... The front "Artists Welcome" map page I made by typing text onto a transparency sheet, overlaid on a scrap of the cover paper and attached with small brads, then that whole piece was glued down. In my desire to add an artistic element to the dedication page inside the front cover, I glued down small transparent & iridescent star confetti all around the edge - I used jewel glue and weighted it down to press flat & adhere while it dried, but I noticed after scanning that a couple had popped off anyway. I reattached them and covered the whole page with acrylic sealer (which made the gel pen bleed some, dargghh.) and I don't know if that will be enough to keep them on but lets XfingersX that it does! would really be disappointed to find out it arrived all ... de-starred.

I liked that they were both a bit different take on the typical "mermaid" theme, and I hope the recips like the decos they got from me and they come home filled with really fun, unique bits of art ... I think this is going to be it for me for deco making just now ... I have a few more to work some pages in as soon as they come in, and a BUNCH that need to be sent back off into the world to be worked in by others as soon as I figure out who I should send them to ... but me, myself - I'm really deco'd out these days and think I'm gonna be doing more ATCs and getting into that sewing machine ...


~ gem ~