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Hello! and Happy Friday to you :)

One of the things I am planning to do more on the blog is product reviews - I will always state whether or not I am being compensated for, sponsored by, received the item from or am in any other way affiliated with a certain product or website or company. I will also always give my own true and honest opinion of said products or services whether good or bad. Got it? GOOD!

So I have recently (and finally!) signed up for a couple subscription box programs - and just received my first Snack Box from Love With Food, which delivers organic and/or all-natural food products for you to try once a month, in themed curated boxes, and for each box sold they also donate a meal to a food bank to help combat childhood hunger in the United States. The snacks are unique offerings you may not see locally or in your neighborhood chain store, and are organic, all natural, GMO-free, gluten-free and don't contain artificial ingredients. No trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and no high fructose corn syrup. Sounds good, right?!

My first box for May 2014 was the Derby Days snack box, which contained reimagined Kentucky Derby fare to celebrate the classic American horse race (sadly, box did not contain a fancy hat to wear while sampling the treats ...) 

Here's my box, as received -

Derby Days snack box from Love with Food

Derby Days snack box from Love with Food

Contents and individual product comments (clockwise from left) and their respective Twitter handles, if available -

Sweet Potato Chips by One Potato Two Potato 
Tasty and crisp - not too sweet or too salty, a nice balance of both. A bit too "oily" tasting for me.

Southern Derby Sampler Pack of teas by Revolution Tea @RevTea
I have not yet tried the teas, may send to a friend who is more of a tea drinker, and will report back on what she says. But they sure smell good!

Key Lime Cookies by J & M
Very tasty little sweet treats - just enough tangy key lime flavor balanced out by the perfect touch of sweetness with the minimal sugar dusting, and the cookie was a nice crisp shortbreadyish (that's a word, right?) biscuit. Easily our favorite item in the box! I would buy these.

Tarallino Snack w/ EVOO by Terre de Puglia @Terredipuglia
Like a very upscale cracker, I suppose - but not flat! It's like a pretzel-bread-toast-cracker-snack - though it is also none of those things? Make sense? Yeah I know, not really :D Anyway it was mild and tasty and would be great at a wine & cheese party. We liked these!

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and Italian Black Truffle Salt by The Spice Lab @TheSpiceLab
Have not yet tried these, waiting for a good recipe to use them on! But the packaging is neat and looks like quality ingredients, looking forward to tasting them. They have MANY flavors on their site and they come in these super cool test tube dealys.

Giddy Up & Go Granola by Thoughtful Food @GiddyUpGranola
I ate this as a snack - super tasty and to my surprise, a bit soft! not like that teeth breaking stuff that uses more energy to chew than it's providing you with (knowwhatImsayin?) Full of seeds and fruit and gluten-free grains, it was super good, and actually tasted like the things it contained, not just "sugar-glued-together chemical flavored bits of dry stuff" like some other so-called healthy granolas or trail mixes can. Another fave!

Sea Salt Caramels by Le Caramel @le_caramel
... shhhh ... i ate the caramels myself and no-one else got any ... They were SO GOOD, but oh man I am not supposed to have caramels, especially REAL caramels like these super sticky chewy little nuggets. I'm surprised my teeth are still in my face ;-)

Tropical Peach Drink Mix by Flavrz Organic @FlavrzDrinkMix
I did not try this, my husband did - he liked the taste but said he would have added LESS water to make it more flavorful. Package states to add contents to 12-20 ounces of water, and is marked as a water enhancer (like, to make lightly flavored water) but apparently he was expecting something more like a "add water to this to make a fruit punch drink" which it is not meant to be. 

SO! Overall I was really pleased with our first box - I joined via a Facebook post and with the promo discount they were offering I believe I paid $5 + $2 shipping (regular monthly plan price for the 8+ snack size box is $10 + $2 shipping, there are other options and box sizes to choose from) and felt that was well worth it for what the box contained. There are some product coupons included in the box, and the website has a shop area where you can purchase more of your favorite products OR a version of the featured month's tasting box. I also have an affiliate link you can use to sign up with if you are interested in trying them out - I believe you get your first box free and just pay the shipping:

Sign up to Love with Food using my link! and enjoy your snacking!

Most Determined Deco, Ever.

Most Determined Deco, Ever.

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So, once upon a time I played with a fun group af mailartists over at a site called {heart} ~ I haven't been there in a really really long time, and as far as I know it's not nearly as active as it used to be, blahblahblah, etc and so on.

Anyway here's the story: A pink & brown themed deco was travelling around Nervousness to be filled with art and then sent back to it's owner

(who was a friend of an Nness friend on another mailart site, or something)

- the gal before me on the list had an accident with it - whereby her toddler daughter snatched it off the desk and brought it to her in the shower = utter ruination! SO. She makes an entirely NEW pink and brown deco to make amends, does up her page inside and sends if off to me. I make my page:

And mail it on

May 29, 2007

from a postoffice here in Florida to my galpal Pequad in Pennsylvania. Pequad was so named for her love of Kewpie dolls, and I had added a supercute Pequad Fairy to the back of the envelope, and I was SO excited waiting for her to see it! Only ... she never saw it, cause a few weeks or so go by and we all start wondering:

"Hey, where's the deco?" "Hmmm I dunno, I mailed it on x-date, it should be there by now!" "I haven't got it yet." "Oh, craps - guess it's lost."

So now


sit down to make yet a THIRD deco for this poor poor chica who probably is thinking my Lord what was my friend thinking sending my deco off to these nitwits?" and I'm all boohoo 'cause Pequd's never gonna get to admire my lil tribute to her, and I'm just sure there's an evil mailman holed up somewhere with stacks and stacks of our long-lost artwork surrounding him in his bunker of madness, plotting his revenge on mailartists worldwide.

New deco is made, sent yet again to Pequad (though I don't think I bothered with the envelope trappings this go-round) and it was rec'd just fine and last I heard/kept up with the updates on the

original post

it was in Australia. So I don't know if that one ever even made it to dear Denise, the intended recipient.

Cut to, today

April 6, 2010

~ I see the mail on the counter & there's a yellow bubble mailer, I'm not expecting anything (hmmm?!) so I check it out and first thing I see is a big Return to Sender sticker, marked

"not deliverable as addressed - unable to forward"

- flip it over and PEQUAD FAIRY! hellloooo! I definitely remembered the envelope, if not what was inside it. I was WAY surprised when I read the original postmark date:

and doubly surprised when I see the recent post office cancellation stamp of March 23, 2010 - from HONOLULU, HAWAII! How d'ya get off track from Florida to Pennsylvania by way of Hawaii!? And why does it take 3 years!? It's a bit wrinkly and some of the Sharpie writing on the front has bled, though the address is still perfectly readable (and as far as I know - valid - it's where I sent my makeup version) so I really have no idea why it was marked undeliverable - but everything was intact! It's a mailroom miricle!

So, now I'm thinking I'm just gonna send it on to Denise myself, and let her decide it's fate at this point, yeah?

x0x, gem