Is That A Kitten In Your Pocket, Or ....


I know! Don't laugh at me! Y'all know the whole deal where there's these strays in the n'hood I've been trying to catch. And my favorite little grey one stays here all day and spends most of the morning inside now. But it's a bit of a battle between him & Weezer and Tonka

(who REALLY seems to have an issue, which is weird.)


Last evening my oldest comes in and says to me "hey come see this", and he's riding his bike and tells me to come to the end of the driveway, so I assume he's gonna show me a biketrick. Only when I get to the end he's laughing and I look down the sidewalk to see my youngest walking home, holding SOMEthing. and I start to laugh too 'cause I realize it's a freakin' KITTEN! and a totally different one than any of the others we've seen. I know. I KNOWWWW! Even poor Mr Gem is at the point where he just looks at us

(me, mostly)

and shakes his head and walks away :D

So we're all sitting out in the garage/driveway, watching "my" grey kitty and playing with this munchkin

(who seemes to have a wee bit of a cold or eye infection - hence the squinteye, here)

, and up walks the MOM and her OTHER baby - HAHA! It's like wacky cat central or something. Only mama was mean

(or - maybe just mad that we snatched away her baby)

cause she kept hissing and chasing away my grey kitty which was pissing me off. Eventually they left and he was still sitting on the window ledge in the morning, so -shrug!-

So anyhow. This lil doodle is living in younger son's bedroom (quite comfortably, I might add) until we figure out what to do with'im. Hehe.