My First Month - Part 1

Get ready. THIS is my NEW THING! and those that know me, know this is just how I am - I can get Very! Excited! about New! Things! ("Whoa, this pen I got is SO GREAT!" - "Hey look, these Cheez-It crackers are shaped like SCRABBLE LETTERS!" - "ohmigosh the Target Cartwheel app, best thing, EVAR" - "Let me just tell you - This. Cat. Litter. NumberONE!" ... etc and so forth.) and as those folks would also tell you - "Yeeeeah, but she gets just as easily bored with things and is on to the next one, sooo ... {shrug}"  

Why this disclaimer? Cuz I want you to know that this new thing is one of the PERMANENT new things (like my beloved Sharkmop. Or the aforementioned cat litter. Seriously, that stuff is super great. Arm & Hammer Essentials, the corn based one. Funny, that - it's named essentials. Hah. Read on, you'll see.) and I really think calling it a life changer isn't even remotely exaggerating. So? WHAT IS IT ALREADY!?

Essential Oils. I started using them about mid-January. I'd been thinking about getting started with essential oils for a few months -I have three cats and a huge dog - all fulltime indoor pets, plus I have two teenage boys and a husband. So basically, my house ALWAYS stinks. I was a big user of scented candles and room and fabric deodorizing sprays and electric outlet warmer units. And wax melts.  And sometimes the scents would be overpowering, or make us sneeze, or - give us headaches.  I have also always been a fan of and believer in massage and aromatherapy, and have a handful of therapists I watch on YouTube, and most of them would use essential oils in their treatments, and touted their benefits. I thought, hey maybe essential oils would be a better option for house-freshening. So I got a room diffuser machine from a catalog, and got a few bottles of EOs from the health & beauty section at a local discount retailer. Chamomile, Grapefruit and Lemongrass. The accompanying "feeling names" on the labels made them even more enticing - Comforting, Uplifting, Refreshing, OHMY!

Large orb style ultrasonic room diffuser, and the original 3 essential oils I bought locally

Large orb style ultrasonic room diffuser, and the original 3 essential oils I bought locally

I was so excited and the first one I tried was - oooh, let's go Uplifting! so, Grapefruit. And it was ... nice. Fresh. Kinda - strong, I thought, but you wanted it to scent the house, right? I seemed to get a bit sneezy, but - we have had a mild winter here in Florida so the windows were open, and stuff was pollen-ing all over the place, I just figured it was allergies. I tried the Lemongrass one day - it was very strong, but a bit sweet, and I liked the smell - but I got headaches immediately with that one (that's why, you probably can't see, but - the liquid in that one is still almost to the top.) The last one I tried was the Chamomile - I didn't diffuse that, as I was planning to use it on my skin to calm irritation and to relax before bedtime. I used it neat (not diluted with any base/carrier oil or lotion) and I thought it burned a bit, but - I have sensitive and highly prone-to-irritation-and-breakouts skin so I thought that just how it was. And it smelled okay but nothing great. So, really - I wasn't terribly impressed with my first foray into oils, and probably woulda just set them aside and forgot about them after a while.

But then! I remembered that a couple artist friends of mine were into oils too, and after some research on where they were getting their oils from I ended up buying a starter kit of oils from the Young Living company. I felt the most comfortable with their overall message and delivery and everyone who was using them seemed to rave about and have such wonderful experiences using them, plus they have something called their Seed to Seal process which really intrigued me and put me at ease regarding their quality. I figured I couldn't really do any worse than the store ones, right? So I spent my Christmas money-gift on this Premium Starter Kit they offer (that came with a -smaller than the one I bought, but still very lovely room diffuser - as well as a set of 10 Everyday Essentials oils) And when it arrived, one - the box and contents smelled lovely (turns out the bottle of Lavender had leaked a teensy bit in the box, oops) and 2) my diffuser wasn't included as it was on backorder (luckily, I already had the other one). As I'd been reading up quite a bit on essential oil uses and specifically the ones included in the starter kit - via my own research and some really great groups on Facebook, I felt pretty comfortable jumping right in with these, even after my rather underwhelming experience with the store bought brand. And I started keeping a little daily journal of what oils we were using, for what reason(s), what the result or effects were, if any - as well as any reactions or bad experiences.

And that's what I'm gonna be sharing with you in the next post! So -

(sorry, haha but I told ya - it's a long post!)

if you'd like to read about the individual and blends of essential oils included in the Young Living Everyday Essentials kit while you wait for my Part 2 - here is a link to theYoung Living "Everyday Essentials" online booklet: Young Living Everyday Essentials

Here it is! >> Part 2

February, Already

Unbelievable, time just goes faster and faster. I have a TON, like a LITERAL, ACTUAL TON - (SO seriously - if you poured all the ideas out of my brain and all the plans and goals and projects and stuff I wanna do, etc and so on onto like, a truck-stop scale, it would pile up into a mound weighing roughly 2,146 pounds. more or less.) of things to do and make and plan for and document and write / blog about. BUT, TIME.

Anyway. Aside from new art, and a cleared out homespace and refreshed outlook, AND the daily photo project Nature365 that I am doing in tandem with my long-time art buddy and Flickr-found-friend Patricia  ... my Newest of New Things is (oh God don't roll your eyes please) Essential Oils! Ahhhh I know, I know - whatever! Bag on me all ya want I don't care. I'mma just rub some fantastic oil concoction on ya and THEN YOU'LL SEE! ;-) But really, I started using them like less than a month ago, and I am sold. Like, forever sold. So while I definitely have a really in depth post about my first month using the oils that'll be coming up soon - for now I'll just leave you with this very pretty picture I took of my little rainbow babies the day they arrived <3 

Hah! Of COURSE the 1st thing I did was put them in a modified Rainbow Order, DUH!

Hah! Of COURSE the 1st thing I did was put them in a modified Rainbow Order, DUH!

Happy Caturday!

WHEW! I am knee deep (and elbows and neck, in fact - I'm in over my head!) in totally clearing out and overhauling my art studio room - am currently at the stage of "Wow, you've just managed to make everything WORSE!" which is butting right up against the ol' "ugh why'd I even do this, now I'm sore, tired, dirty, and wanna quit & watch 37 hours of Netflix" feeling :D But, ah. I'll finish it.

Anyway! I plan to blog some before & afters (or, probly just afters) but in the meantime - here's what I did with my Friday night last night:


I used the fun website tool Catoonizer to recreate my furry feline friends! haha it's kinda eerie how much they look like themselves in CAToon form! So - have a happy CATURDAY! from Weezer, Punkin and Pekoe!