Studio Sunday - on Monday!

This week's work-in-progress showcase - didn't put it up yesterday cuz, well - WALKING DEAD PREMIERE, HELLO?! (Which, while I'll give no spoilers, was AWESOME!) Okay, so here's what I've been up to the past few days:

Mixed-media collage paintings in progress

Mixed-media collage paintings in progress

The first two are the start of my Astrological Collage Creeps series - one being The Waterbearer (Aquarius) and the rainbow one in the middle (both reworked older unfinished canvases, btw) will be the one I'm keeping - my starsign Gemini. I have a really cool! figure mostly finished for that that's not shown here yet - but you can always catch of-the-moment progress shots on my Instagram @gemgirlartist. The last piece is titled Exhibit A, and is a completed abstract mixedmedia collage - kinda outta the norm for me, but also making a point - it's "Exhibit A" in the case of me trying new things! I've always loved abstracts (one of my fave parts of the artmaking process is doing the backgrounds - I often DON'T want to put anything on them, and yet they never quite seem to be a finished, standalone piece) So -working on that is a big goal of mine.

I also since last week, decided I am NOT ready to take on an art/craft fair at this point, even though that also has been a goal of mine for some time. Perhaps in 2015. But I AM going to be getting professional scans & prints made of my works, in order to keep the originals available directly through me, and any printworks will go to my etsy or other 3rd party online shops. 

That's all for now, I gotta get back in the paintzone!
Have a great, productive Monday!

Studio Sunday

Hey, happy Sunday! Hope your weekend is closing out nicely. Been thinking of doing a weekly round-up type post called Studio Sunday, where I either show what I'm currently working on, OR - showcase the things I worked on during the week. This episode will be the latter, since I wasn't actually IN the studio today, instead I was enjoying a fantastic day of food and drink and rides at Epcot and their International Food & Wine Festival which runs now (the second week) through Nov 10 (And we will definitely be back! Perks of living in Orlando and having annual passes - the quick lil pop-ins you can make to enjoy a day or half-day at one of the parks! We enjoyed a couple trips to the spring Outdoor Kitchens during the annual Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot earlier this year, and they were wonderful - since we'd never been to the Food & Wine fest before we knew we'd be making several trips in for food tasties this fall! Zip on over to my Instagram feed @gemgirlartist -or eyeball the sidebar- for some peeks at today's eats! )

Ok, so - on to the art! Here's what I accomplished this week - all mixed-media collage paintings:

Not sure, but- I think I might like shades of blue? :D

Not sure, but- I think I might like shades of blue? :D

Clockwise, left-to-right:
Maristella, Star of the Sea - mermaid collage painting on 6X12 cradled birch board
Technicolor Princess - collage creeps - 3.25x3.25 on white pine woodblock
Luna - collage creeps - 4x4 on gallery wrapped canvas
Serena, Daughter of the Seamermaid collage painting on 6X12 cradled birch board
Oceana - collage creeps - 6x6 on gallery wrapped canvas
Tulia - collage creeps - 5x7 on gallery wrapped canvas

The only one currently listed for sale is Technicolor Princess - I am THINKING of doing my Very First! Arts & Crafts Fair in November, and if it comes to be, these will be some of the pieces I'll be showing. Wish me luck! Both in making the decision to do it (it's not easy!) and to be blessed with sales if I do ... Thanks a whole big bunch!