Hello, Monday!

Hello and good Monday morning!

Couple things - I'm gonna be doing a pretty in-depth "my first month on essential oils" roundup post in the next day or so (I'm try'na get it edited DOWN to a managable chunk!) and also, in the coming weeks - am kinda redesigning and refocusing the blog and website. I've made some changes since the beginning of the year, but some of my priorities have changed again even since THEN, and I am working that into the site as I go. Really, it isn't going to seem, sound or feel very different - kinda just a backstage change thing for me. But it will definitely include MORE! pictures, more posts, more interaction and , i dunno, just - MORE -in general I guess :D

So until next time - here's a few recent fave photos from my ongoing Nature 365 project!


Female cardinal perched on the birdbath in my side yard

Female cardinal perched on the birdbath in my side yard

African Weaver bird nesting at Disney's Animal Kingdom park

African Weaver bird nesting at Disney's Animal Kingdom park

Baby Mediterranean / Common House Gecko I found under leaf litter in my yard!

Baby Mediterranean / Common House Gecko I found under leaf litter in my yard!

Original Art Giveaway!

Hello all, happy Monday to you!

I am doing a quick little drawing to give one lucky page fan an original piece of collage art - it's one of my favorites that I did back in 2007 titled "A Bird in the Hand" and is one of my creepy-girl type collage cards. It's 4x6 on watercolor paper and done with mixed paper collage and paint and ink. This style of mine came about after getting really into Teesha Moore's Zettiology, with a little bit of Misty Mawn flavor mixed in <3


To be included in the drawing you just need to go LIKE my gemgirlart fanpage on Facebook! I will use a random name picker to select a winner from all page likes on FRIDAY JUNE 20 - I'll announce the winner there , and will update here on the blog and on social media too.
So, thanks a bunch, and good luck!

We have a winner! Congrats, Maripat!

Art Journal Letter

So, sadly - one of the players in the Artist's Bakers Dozen swap at Nervousness got flaked on - I offered to send a new package on to her and that entailed creating another personal letter in art journal style. Here is the finished product and the original blank BG I made 

(I posted the background layout on Flick'r prior to adding my text ...)

- be sure to view full size -

Basic watercolor wash on sketchpad paper ... stamped on with some random foam and rubber stamp flower images (this was a fairly old BG paper I dug out of my stash, I wanted a lightweight paper as opposed to my usual textured watercolor paper) then I added some images - magazine clipping and vintage bird drawings printed on the computer, with a little acrylic paint wash added around those - the textlines and accent outlines in white gel pen, and finally my journal text in fineline Sharpie. I took my content cue from the imagery I'd created, and related a quick little (multi)bird story from my own life. I tend to be short and sweet with any of my journalish projects, so even though this was technically supposed to be a full-on "letter" (and I could have rambled on a few more bird things but ran outta writing space on this one) - overall I'm calling it a success.

Oh and I haven't gotten a chance to sit'n sew yet ... soon, I hope!

~ gem ~