Happy Caturday!

WHEW! I am knee deep (and elbows and neck, in fact - I'm in over my head!) in totally clearing out and overhauling my art studio room - am currently at the stage of "Wow, you've just managed to make everything WORSE!" which is butting right up against the ol' "ugh why'd I even do this, now I'm sore, tired, dirty, and wanna quit & watch 37 hours of Netflix" feeling :D But, ah. I'll finish it.

Anyway! I plan to blog some before & afters (or, probly just afters) but in the meantime - here's what I did with my Friday night last night:


I used the fun website tool Catoonizer to recreate my furry feline friends! haha it's kinda eerie how much they look like themselves in CAToon form! So - have a happy CATURDAY! from Weezer, Punkin and Pekoe!