Prompted Intuitive Collage

Cleaning out some bins and baskets in the studio over the weekend - came across a bunch of old works I'd forgotten about, including this Asian flavor mixed media postcard. Done using a prompted intuitive collage technique (yes, I know prompted & intuitive seem like they'd cancel each other out, but just trust me, it's a fun process)

I may have a tutorial on this technique somewhere in an earlier blog post, and if I find it I will update with a link to it here. But in case not, here's the breakdown of this card:

PROMPTED COLLAGE - "Legendary & Beautiful" - April 2, 2007
started with plain white cardstock, cut down to 4x6 inch postcard size
I have a container with the prompts printed & cutout on individual slips of paper, and they are:
3-D - chalk - charcoal - draw - ink - magazine - paint - paper - pastels - pattern - pencil - photograph - sand - stamp - scratch - smudge - spatter - surprise - text - wipe - write
and I draw one out at a time - that's the prompted part! the intuitive part is obviously however you choose to interpret and use the word you've pulled.


1 ) STAMP - rubberstamped cherry blossom branches in black StazOn ink
2) PAINT - painted entire card surface with watercolor wash
3) PAPER - added some Asian joss paper acccents
4) PENCIL - colored in the branches of the cherry blossom stamps
5) SURPRISE - added printed image of geisha
6) DRAW - used silver pen to add swirl accents at edges
7) MAGAZINE - added title text from magazine clipping
8) CHARCOAL - edged the magazine text with charcoal
9) SMUDGE - smudged the charcoal to blend it in
10) 3D - added the shimmery butterfly (a broken necklace bit)

Sprayed the card with matte acrylic sealer and called it done!

Hope you liked this little blast-from-my-artistic-past! I used to use this technique all the time to jump start me when I was feeling stuck on a piece or just not feeling particularly creative, and I'd totally forgotten about it until I was cleaning things out! So now I am looking forward to using it again real soon. Print out your own prompts (doesn't hafta be my exact list - use whatever you want!) and have a fun time making something, with just the *teeniest* bit of guidance You'll love it!

xoxo gem