Friday Faves - Instagram Edition

Soooo, technically this could be called Follow Friday instedda Friday Faves, but let's not quibble, huh? Whichever way you slice it, I'm gonna serve you up some of my current (and some are long-time) favorite Instagrammers. Let's roll!


KAYLAH DOOLAN ~ The Dainty Squid

I started following Kaylah way back in my Flickr days - she has such a vibrant and fun feed - full of color, character and OH those animals! Her cats Professor Stingray (the Siamese shown above) and Squid (the namesake of her blog and IG account but not as often seen - she's shy!) and adorable doggy pal Klaus* are always sure to make you smile with their antics and expressions. She's a huge fan of her home city Cleveland, and takes glorious photos of her surroundings whether it's an abandoned building, a cicada-crowded cemetery, or the shores of her favorite "trash-collecting" lake. I'm never disappointed by a Dainty Squid post, and I bet you won't be either!

*I am almost 100% pawsitive I mess the spelling up EVERY.TIME. on this pupper's name! Kaylah's folks have a big hunka dawg named Krum who is featured occasionally too, and I never know which one is spelled with the "C" and which with the "K" haha! mahbad 😅

LOTUS CARROLL ~ Lotus Carroll

Another "Former Flickr Friend" - I started following Lotus when I kicked off my 365 self-portrait project in ... 2011? (and she was a huge inspiration for my getting a nose piercing at the same time!) She is a FANTASTIC photographer, and has some of the most interesting and creative self portraits you'll ever see. She also has a knack for captions that make you get all the "feels" when you look at her imagery. AH JUST LUB HER 😍  

NINA BAGLEY ~ Nina Bagley

Actually, I think this lady is ANOTHER one I first "met" on Flickr - found & followed via another artist I believe - Nina's pictures are usually of her home and surrounding area in the NC mountains, so it's not hard to figure out why I love them so! Her dog Walter features prominently as well, and he is as charming a fellow as can be. I remember once posting a comment to Nina stating that I always got the feeling from her that we'd meet one day (a statement which was probably NOT made less creepy sounding by me prefacing it with "Not trying to sound like a creeper, ...") but my point is that every image of Nina's - whether it's a lovely vignette of a spot inside her Heartrock Hill cabin, a shot of one of her beautiful handmade jewelry pieces or a capture of a moment of a view from her front porch, you instantly feel like you are at home, sitting with a dear friend.

KATIE DAISY ~ Katie is a Daisy

One of my very favorite artists, Katie Daisy has such an organic & beautiful vibe to her illustrations and paintings - and one look at this shot of her home art studio sums up her style perfectly. I've ALWAYS dreamt of having my own woodsy-cabin-art-studio one day, and when I saw Katie's it was exactly as I'd always thought mine would be. It's so cozy and inviting, and when she posts her "woodland winter snow as seen from the studio" pictures? Well, I DIE from the charming! She also happens to have the most adorable lil boy, and he has been appearing a lot lately with paintbrush in hand - like momma like son!

KARLA REED ~ Karla Reed

Speaking of moms - this one is the bomb! I honestly don't even remember how I came across her feed originally - I no longer have little kids and I'm not really into fashion (though I do love thrifting), but whatever it was that got me here, I love it. Her momstyle is so real but also fresh and charming, and her kids offer up some of the most PERSONALITY FILLED photos you will ever see. In fact #littlecharlottefashions, while I don't think it's kept up anymore (hello? 3 kids now!) - is one of the best hashtags you're gonna see all day. GO LOOK AT THEM ALL! 😂  Karla also does really great product reviews for beauty and kid stuff, if you're into that you'll dig'em.

PAM KESSLER ~ House of Hawthornes

If you like vintage, and thrifting, and cute and creative decorative displays - this is your place! Pam not only finds awesome things for her home, but combines them into artfully arranged seasonal and holiday themed displays (wait until Christmas, OH! mygosh) that are so fun and charming. I posted just today on my own Insta about a thrift-store-score of vintage badminton racquets - WHICH I knew to grab when I saw them BECAUSE of a House of Hawthornes post. So, you might learn a thrifting trick or two, too. Stop on by "The House" - I'm sure you'll feel more than welcome!

WELL, folks! I could keep going - I have so many favorite IG people and would love to share every single one of them with ya right here, right now. But I'll save a few for next time, how'a'bout? I hope you enjoy taking a peek at this small selection, and hope at least a couple of'em become faves of YOURS, too.

Enjoy your weekend!