Friday Faves - Fab Four

Here's a quickie roundup of just a few favorites from this week:



I think I came across Holly Fox's colorful confectionary account thru a Colossal posting, and if you are a fan of color, beautifully arranged photo layouts, or just cooooool ass cookies - you need to go fave and follow Miss Fox at once



Ahhhhh! So I've been oiling for well over a year now - and LOVE my diffusers, of course - but this was one I got for free (no joke) in a recent monthly order and it's actually my first time using it. AND IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE! It's soooo quiet, such a lovely design, and has a really nice mist output. The outer cover could be a lil more "grippy" to make it easier to remove, and I'd love if it had the intermittent mist feature my Home Diffuser has, but overall I dig it and I am super happy to have this pretty new diffuser to use!



Ohhhh, SquattyPotty, how do I love thee, let me count the ... Okay, nope, you can figure it out ;-)
So yeah "Santa" brought us a SP this past Christmas  - we have the standard plastic model, but I am so upgrading to those fancy wood ones for every bathroom next time we move! Cuz I'm not saying it's giving me the best poop of my life ... but I'm not saying it isn't {wink + teethshinesparkle} 
Anyway if you've never seen it before, I give you the Squatty Potty Unicorn Commercial (and YES, I did buy it purely on how much I loved this video, the fact that it's an awesome product that works is just the sprinkles on the swirly cone!)



Well lookit that, guess the world is flat after all! HobbyLobbyHubby brought me this present home a couple weeks ago for my globe collection. It just makes me laugh! Sucha quirky, fun thing - he gets me :D Sorry, I'm pretty sure they don't carry this one anymore - but here's another cool one (that I was also gifted) that's not your typical "Round Globe in a Stand", if you like!

OK THEN! that's it - maybe I'll be more interesting next time, but - ya know - probly not ;-)