Friday Faves - Beauty Products | July 10, 2015

Happy weekend! This week's faves are all beauty product related (plus a bonus *fave* at the end) and are items I am using pretty much daily since I tried them. Let's have a look at'em:

this week's Friday Faves - all products I use

this week's Friday Faves - all products I use


I got a small sample packet of this Shea Moisture baby lotion and shampoo/wash from PinchMe a few weeks ago - I don't have any babies anymore! so I planned to use these on myself. I loved the dual wash & shampoo, but I REALLY LOVED that lotion! I am all in with aromatherapy and essential oils, so I liked the fact this lotion contained chamomile, frankincense and myrrh essentials, and argan oil and raw shea for moisture. It smells LUSH and is really quick to absorb and leaves your skin nice and soft, a wee bit scented, and - as I use mine at bedtime on my legs, hands and feet - I think it really does have calming properties that make a for a peaceful, pleasant drift-off. The only downside is the packaging - the first one I bought (I get mine at Target) was way too thick to pump out, and eventually the pump-tube came off and got stuck in the lotion. I took that one back and got another, which has been working fine, so I maybe got an odd batch or old product the first time. VERDICT: I'm buying! but making sure to check the product date


my free full-size sample of Dove sent via Influenster

my free full-size sample of Dove sent via Influenster

Oh, wow - this Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant, I just can't believe! This is another one that I got as a free sample to test, this time from Influenster via a VoxBox I qualified for, and it was a full-size product (the one shown is the one they sent). From their website product page:

Featuring a light coconut scent with jasmine floral notes and NutriumMoisture that helps skin repair itself from shaving damage, this antiperspirant deodorant delivers 48-hour odor and wetness protection for the ultimate care after every shave.

I will say up front I really dislike deoderant/anti-perspirant and kinda rarely use it even though I should. (I live in Florida and am a sweater - and not the fun & hilarious knitted Christmas Cats kind!) I think it feels gross, usually irritates my sensitive pit-skin, and doesn't seem to work (I'm not just a sweater, I'm a "breakthru-sweater", wheeee). So anyway. I went ahead and tried it - and it's their kinda corny hashtag but it really was #LoveAtFirstSwipe - has a soft but not perfumey scent, it felt nice and smooth going on, it didn't leave white residue or chunks of gunk, and the kicker? I am in the middle of a double bathroom reno so showers are at a premium lately - not only did I not have breakthru sweat at any point the first day - but, after a non showering second day and no reapplication of product - I STILL had no breakthru sweat OR ODOR. That's pretty significant to me 'cuz I can always smell pit-funk thru even a fresh application of deoderant. I haven't been using it long enough to really tell if it's doing the underarm skin-repair thing, and mine are super sensitive and shaving makes them so much worse, so if that claim works even a tad as well as the others, it'll be a bonus. VERDICT: I'm buying!


Younique 'Refreshed' Rose WaterΒ 

Younique 'Refreshed' Rose Water 

Y'all know I am into my essential oils, and I had heard great things about rose oil for skin, like getting redness under control - but MAN, rose oil is super duper expensive! and outta my reach for now. My good friend happens to be a Younique presenter, and I saw where she was using this rosewater facial spray they make, so I asked what she thought of it, and ended up buying one. And I! LOVE! IT! firstly, I mean - just look at it, SO pretty! I know you're not supposed to buy stuff based on packaging, but (sorry. I'mma sucka for pretty package design! or, if the labelling says "NEW!", heheh). Anyway - I'm not a super big fan of the scent of roses, but this one is quite bearable - nice and soft but not powdery, just floral enough but not sickeningly so. And the way it feeeeeeels and makes my skin feel, more than makes up for any scent issue I have. It's quite light, feels so wonderful to spritz on (especially on a hot summer dayif you've just come in from the garden, say) and I am definitely noticing reduced redness and softer feeling skin overall. It does NOT irritate or make my sensitive skin breakout, and while it's marketed as an under-and-over makeup prep and setter, I don't wear a lot of makeup so I use it as a after cleanser moisturizer and skin refresher throughout the day. VERDICT: I'm buying! on repeat!

please note: this product is only available through a Younique presenter. I've included the link to my friend AimΓ©e's presenter page here, but I get nothing in return for that, it just happens to be where I got mine :)


Young Living Lip Balm Trio

Young Living Lip Balm Trio

Another total fave-rave here! I got this 3 pc set of essential oil infused lip balms (they no longer offer the 3pack, that was a special promotion - but you can get each one seperately) in one of my recent Young Living orders, and that's IT. I am in LOVE. The smooth and silky application, the all natural ingredients, the benefits of essential oils. It's all good! I am a HUGE lip balm user! I don't wear lipstick, but I balm it up all day long! I keep the Lavender one by my bedside, the Grapefruit one in my bag - and my son, who is also on the balmwagon ;-) usually keeps the Cinnamint one with him (I had to go searching for it to get the photo!) They don't irritate, they dont really have a flavor, but a mild aroma, and they keep my lips soft and moisturized for hours. I've replaced all other balms with these *EXCEPT* for my tinted BabyLips balms - I still love those and use'em when I want just a kiss'a'color. VERDICT: I'mma keep buying! though I'm bummed they're not offered 3-up any longer

note: these lip balms are only availble for purchase through the Young Living website via a Young Living distributor, of which I am one. If you don't know a YL distributor, feel free to message or email me and I can help you out :)

and finally, the bonus: THIS VIDEO!

I saw it this week, and say what ya want, I don't care! I LOVE IT! Makes me happy <3
Have a wonderful weekend, people!