I Say: MOO to You!

Hey now 3 posts in 2 days, nothing like making up for lost blogtime ;-)

Anyway, today's 365 picture is showcasing a few of my recent MOO rectangular stickers (labels) made from some of my ATC cards.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a Moopresentative that had seen my new label size stickers on Flickr and asked if I had any interest in a little spot in the

ideas section of the Moo website

. I said sure! and sent them back the requested bio-type info and some explanations of how I use current and intend to use any future Moo printed products. I've long been a fan of the Moo Mini Card, and have also used them to do postcard prints of some of my work, as well as a set of standard size business cards. I love the quality and the uniqueness of their product designs as well as their online designer interface



you can have every single card be a different photo design which I love! Variety is the spice and all that ...)

I'm in the planning stages of some new (Rounded Edge!) business cards and more postcard sets, plus possibly some more labels and stickers. That's what I was doing in fact - on the Moo website ordering a

sample paper pack

before I decide on what I want for this batch, when I saw the

link to my page

there :))

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty cool, and wanted to share if you are at all interested :)


and of course now I really feel some pressure to redouble my efforts at getting some new stuff into the Etsy shop! In fact, I just had an Etsy message commenting on the Moo stickers and asking if I sell them, eek! And I really have been working on some new collages, just not getting them to the completed stage as fast as I'd thought or hoped to ... Need to step it up and not blow an opportunity, here!

ta for now, then! xox gem