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Here's a super quick, super easy SUPER yummy food recipe. If you don't like this you might be an alien!

(Vege-vegan friends, just add something in place of the meat! and you can still eat ...)

Went to my inlaws for a brunchy type visit and mum-in-law made these biscuity potato-y cheesy ham things and I was all "Slaaghhh!"

(thats drool-laden foodie speak for - "Wow, these are delicious!")

so the next night we decided to make them ourselves. Here's the recipe I found online that most closely matched them:

Ham Potato Puffs

- and I didn't follow the directions exactly - didn't measure any of the ingredients, didn't use the parsley or garlic powder, and the only biscuits I had were the "jumbo" kind - which made them a bit too bready, so - the next night we tried again, cause there in fact WAS leftover mashed potatoes from the 1st batch

(imagine! leftover mashed potatoes! I know thats the whole point of the recipe, to use up leftover stuff, but still. I don't remember hardly evvver having leftover mashed potatoes. Unless it was like, the day after Thanksgiving or something)


Day 2:

I used crescent roll dough in place of the buttermilk biscuits and added some cooked chopped bacon to the potato mixture. Still didn't measure anything, just dumped all the ham cheese & bacon into the mashed potatoes - ALSO! I added a pinch of salt & pepper this time - and than scooped spoonfuls into the muffin cups, in fact I made sure to fill'em real full, as ya can see from the picture. THESE were much better than the first batch - a bit tastier with the added salt, and definitely better with the smaller amount of bread outer shell. I would try next time with the smaller (regulr) size of buttermilk biscuits though. What I love is this is soooo easy and ya really don't have to fuss with measuring - just dump all yer stuff

(I'm thinking you non meat eaters could add broccoli or any other chunky veg you like - I'd just cook it first before adding)

into the potato mix, fill your pastry-lined muffin tins and 20-25 mins @ 350* you are eating some DEElish lil yummies. Both days we had ours with a mixed green salad & sliced tomatoes. I'm thinking they'd made nice appetizers in a smaller, minimuffin format too, yeah?

SO! Get with the mixing and enjoy what I now refer to as

Cheesy Potato Bombs