BoxTops for Education!

BoxTops for Education!
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beepbeep! drive-by posting before I head up to school to help with Pride Day ... But while I had shool on my mind - here's a shameless request:

Anyone who would be willing to collect these little BoxTop coupons and send them to me, I would greatly appreciate it! and will even send you a small piece (at least 4"x4", probably collage) of original artwork in return :) I have 2 collection deadlines - the first is OCTOBER 30, so I'd need those here by Oct 28, but you can collect & bundle all you can save until mid February and I can turn those in for the spring collection. Save'em up and when ya have a nice batch contact me (here or through Flick'r) and I'll get you an address to mail them to.

Even better would be if you want to sign up to support our school via the website - you don't have to be local or have a child in this school! So it's a perfect way to help especially if your own children are grown or you don't have any who are doing the BoxTops for Education thing. Just go to and sign up & support Liberty Middle School (Orlando) - there are some great online shopping partners including Oriental Trading Co and Barnes & Noble, where we get a portion of sales our supporters submit by going through the BoxTops Marketplace.

XOXO gem

ps ~ can ya tell I am a newly appointed coordinator and still in that early-on gung ho idea phase? :D