Goodwill Friday ~ May 2009

ACK! I missed posting in April. Boooo. I was hoping to at least manage one post a month, sheesh. Anyway.

I went out this morning hoping to find a small occasional-type table or bookshelf sorta thing to put in a small hallway of ours. Didn't find THAT, but I found THESE! :D

Pink textured plastic coated paper box

(a For The Cure pink ribbon item) -

it's made for hanging file folders. I NEEDED this, really!

Small linen covered trinket box

- the little blue pulltab? The whole inside is lined in that color. This may end up a lucky parcel container.


the coolest! It's actually a game box - it contains all the pieces for like chess and dominoes and cards etc etc - that stuf'll be repurposed for altered art projects and etsy ... I'm keeping the box (I actually have a small collection of dice, so it's perfect)

Scrabble and Uno RummyUp games

- for altered art pieces and etsy ...

Uglyass shadowbox and small gallery style frame

- will be repurposed for my own art crap. (It's seriously hard to find decent shadowboxes here!)

Glass fishbowl

. I dunno. I'll put stuff in it. Probly not fish.

Cute white beadboard boxy container thingy

(will hold rulers or scissors or other ARTifacts) Currently holding a 3pc wooden utensil set - brand new and nicely made.

Wooden beadboard scalloped edge peg shelf

. AWWWYEAH, kid! Two things about this - first it will be repainted white (they painted it blue and IGGG, they did a terrible job) - I have a THING for white beadboard these days apparently - also ... there is a sticker on the back that says it's from HomeGoods ... Now, the past week I keep seeing these ads on TV for HomeGoods, which I guess is like a discount decorating store or something ... but I don't know where there is one (I've looked it up since, there's 4 within 20 miles of me.) Anyway I thought it was funny that's where this shelf came from -shrug-

OH! and it has a plate ledge! Which are handy for propping skinny canvases, actually.


Oh wait! I also got a decent size 3-drawer plastic bin system and a pair of cute jean shorts - both brand new and both Target surplus merchandise. WHEEEEEE!