My Sunday Sucked

This is just soooooo ridiculous.

We're walking Tonka 'round the neighborhood yesterday noon ...
On our way back home and starting past my neighbor's driveway - WHAM! outta nowhere Tonk takes off towards neighbor Steve who's out working on his front walk ... I am hanging on for dear life and KNOW what's rapidly coming - which would be me on the ground (mmmm, concrete - so comfortable!) and my head into Steve's car bumper (yeah that was pretty bad) - and this lovely image was the result. Which actually here doesn't even look all the bad but consider it also extends partway down my calf, as well as where my hip smacked the ground, the heel and wrist of my hand is all cut and scraped, the back of my shoulder bruised, plus a knot on my head and cut on my ear.

Now a couple things: Number one, I have no idea WHAT made him go after the neighbor like that - he does bark at him through the fence, but really in the "who are you, what are you doing, what's going on?" kinda dog way - and I was pretty much face down so I don't even know if he was happy or teeth bared or what. Stuart thought it was just freak timing of us passing by right as Steve stood up from some pruning and caught Tonka's eye as a threat? So uhhhh, yeah - thanks so much for "protecting me" by dragging my ass up a concrete driveway and into the back of a parked car! Wheeee! Danger averted! Good dog!

And secondly - I normally do not have so little control over him! Yes I am about 115 to his 130-140 and it does sometimes take all my body weight to reign him in when he wants to pull (and I've figured out ways to maneouver the leash to have a better hold, etc) but this was completely unexpected and I had no time to react other than to try and keep up. At which I clearly failed ;-) And thankfully Stuart was with me so he was able to get ahold of Tonka right away, and he didn't do anything ...

But my poor neighbor! Like I said, I couldn't see what Tonka's demeanor was, but if you saw that big beast thundering toward you I'm sure you'd be more than a little concerned, even if he was smiling! He kept asking "are you okay are you sure you're okay?" and came by later to check on me again, and I felt soooo bad. Like, Hi? I'm the idiot who couldn't keep her dog from charging at you, yet you're telling me I shoulda just let go of the leash and how you shouldn't have even been outside and then it wouldn't've happened? Dude!

So now I am very stiff and sore and the scrapes all sting and of course after the whole freak Natasha Richardson ski accident I was all paranoid I wasn't going to wake up this morning (and I said many prayers of thanks everytime I did wake in the night - you better believe it!)

BUT! the bruises are gonna be something to behold, I tell ya!
*ooOoh the colorrrsss*

So yeah - Happy Monday!
~ gem ~

Oh and I fully admit to being a bit of a drama queen, I mean it's not like I need freakin' skin grafts or anything! But still. *makes pitiful pouty face*