Another Day, Another Dog Tale ...

But yeah, it's about the same dog ;-)
And turns out he's a 10 month old purebred Bichon ...

Anyway. To continue yesterday's story ... we left off with me serendipitously running into DJ's owner on a walk during the morning, and I was awaiting her to come by and pick him up that afternoon ... And just to fill in even more of his backstory (which I'd learned from the "birthmom" on Monday and it was confirmed by Miss Shelby yesterday)

See, Original Owner had to sell him because she had other pets (including DJs brother, and if I remember correctly his mama too) and Deej and the brother didn't get along ... He was picked up by a nice girl named Miss Shelby, who was buying him on behalf of her boss, as a companion for his elderly mother. Miss Shelby is her caretaker. This was Saturday, and (this is the part I don't really know much about) he somehow got out/loose in the middle of the night, then I found him around 9AM Sunday morning. Our neighborhoods are not that far apart, but he had to come past a really busy street to get here, so =whew!= is all we can say about that!

And Miss Shelby DID post lost puppy notices immediately, I just never saw them (hint: Craigslist = great place for lost pet notices! It really hadn't occured to me to look there)

So unfortunately, even though I'd FINALLY! found the proper owner, Miss Shelby let me know that her boss (the elderly lady's son) was wanting to REsell the poor little guy, because it turns out the lady was scared of him (I guess he barked at her and was a little too jumpy) and they weren't going to be able to keep him. Even Miss Shelby said she wished she could take him but with 3 dogs of her own, well ... I said I'd be happy to keep him until they were able to either find a new owner or decide what to do, but as much as I liked him, there was no way I could buy him (and any of you who've read Tonka's story know I already have a Very Expensive Pet and just could not justify paying for another dog I wasn't even in the market for to begin with!) It really wasn;t even alot of money - the guy was only looking to get back half of what he'd originally paid, but the bottom line is Mr Gem's patience was already at it's limit with me this week (bless his big'ol let-me-have-my-way-without-complaint HEART!) so to lay out money for the dog woulda been a Not Very Smart Thing for me to do ...

blahblahblah ... So he spent another night and then Miss Shelby called early this afternoon to say she had some folks that wanted to come look at him, and could she arrange to come get him - I'd given him a mini bath just this morning so at least he was pretty clean and dry ... I packed up his food and some toys that had become his faves while he was here, and when she came & got him I just said to please call me and let me know how it goes, and that he was welcome back if he didn't go to a new home right away (which, come on, I knew he would! Look'it'immmm! Awe! hehe)

AND! ding!ding!ding! We have a winner!
She actually stopped by just a few minutes ago - before I could even knock the story out, geez! - to let me know an older couple took him home and they said he'd be the only pet and a very spoiled little dog and they understood what a rough week he's had and that he'd probably be sad for a little while but that was okay ... So yeah, I'm a little bummed he's gone but also very YaY! that he's going to a nice home, and I'll be honest - that pup was wearing me O.U.T! so I'll be glad to get back to my regularly scheduled life now ... right after a NAP.

Oh and also, just so you know ~ Miss Shelby was incredibly apologetic and extremely grateful to me and felt really really bad that I was so burdened by the responsibility for this pup all week (and she was more than miffed at her bossman for the whole convoluted mess which was basically dumped in her lap) - but like I kept telling her - It's all good! I just wanted to do the right thing (like I'd hope someone would do for my dog) and hey! I got to spend a few days playing with a supersweet, cute new puppy! She did drop off an Outback giftcard to thank me, and while that SO wasn't necessary, I thought that was a really cool and nice thing to do ...

So - Final Kisses and TUMMY RUBBIES for DJ
(or, whoever you are now!)
Buh Bye, booboo! And for Pete's sake, stay put! :D

XOX gem