Happy New Year and ...

Here's a little bitta fun factoid stuff about me.
YES. I'm cheating by using a Flick'r post as a "new blog update", but - deal with it. I'm busy.

Not reallllly, but I'm hungry and making noodles for lunch, so ...
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Tagged by Shanda Panda for the 16 Facts meme ...
Here's my picture (taken Jan 14, just for this post) & response:

1) I am 37 and am still afraid of the "Thing Under the Bed" - I cannot have any part of my feet go under the edge of the bed and will still occasionally leap into bed from across the room when I get the feeling "it's" there.

2) My most hated housework duty is cleaning the scrambled egg pan. ewww.

3) I have man-hands, ala Sarah Jessica Parker or Kyra Sedgwick.

4) Shortly after the birth of my 2nd son and when Mr Gem was living & working on the other side of the state while I stayed behind with the boys & sold our house, I drank an entire bottle of wine one night by myself. I then promptly sacrificed it all to the Porcelain God. I have not had even a sip of wine since and cannot stand the smell of it to this day. That was in 1997.

5) I was never the girl who dreamed of her wedding day or even having a family. I always imagined myself living the Bohemian life in Paris, drawing and painting by the edge of the Seine ... *and yet, I am happy with the life I got ...

6) I have colored my hair for fun since I was 12 and discovered Sun-In - I am really not sure what my true haircolor is anymore though I suspect it's called "Squirrel Brown" :D

7) As a kid, I actually had a dalmation dog named Spot - so cliche it's original!

8) My middle name is Lynn. pffft.

9) My hub & kids' initials are SAP, NAP and JAP. HAH! I dunno, it makes ME laugh ...
I guess that's not really a fact about ME, huh?

10) A few years ago we got a puppy and he died within a week. I slept with his collar under my pillow for 2.

11) I have never had a broken bone. =knockwood!=

12) I still have windshield glass embedded in my forehead from a car wreck I had when I was 18. Sometimes it comes to the surface and looks like a Bindi.

13) << I've worn contact lenses since I was that old. I learned I needed glasses in the 3rd grade when they did eye tests at school, and I ran out of the office/clinic crying.

14) I LOVE brussels sprouts!

15) I have to drink my milk with ice so it's really cold. Also if I use a colored plastic cup it usually has to be blue, 'cause that makes the milk seem whiter/milkier - I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT use a yellow cup for milk! NO! that's peemilk! (I dunno. My brain just makes weird associations)

16) My closet is color co-ordinated, right down to matching hangers. Don't believe me?
Check it out ...

17) I do not wear lipstick. The picture above is me with lipliner pencil lightly applied over lipbalm, and then swabbed off. That's as far as I go.

18) HAHA I just remembered it's only 16 facts! durrrr -eyeroll- *geeee, do I like to talk about myself, I dunnnooo ...

That's it, then! Hope you enjoyed :D Thanks Shanda for the tag, and since I travel in very small circles, I will probably tag alot of you that have either already done it or already been tagged by "one of us" --- so don't feel bad if ya don't wanna or can't do it! it's all good :)

β™₯, gem