Found Fridays ~ Oct 3, 2008

Revisting the 'ol "Found Fridays" concept I posted about almost one year ago ... See, I'm one of those weirdos who sorta collects random things she finds along her way throughout her day. Little lost toys, things in books from the library, funky old rusted metal things from streetside, other people's grocery lists left in shopping carts or forgotten on store shelves (I am always SO curious to read what other people have on their lists! It's so dorky.), basically any little thing that catches my eye. I'm like a magpie or something "Oooh, shiny thing BAWK, must get SQWAWK, snatchgrabstuffinpocket"

So this is the small batch of stuff from this week:
1) Blue plastic circus horse thing from a parking lot
2) Palm tree bling medallion from a neighbor's driveway
3) Bluejay feather from yard
4) Little pink size 1 baby shoe by "Koalababy" found on streetcorner
5) a purple plastic "G" (for gem, natch!) found in parking lot

Sometime, someday, somehow they'll all end up in a piece of art ...
or maybe they'll just be languishing in a basket or bowl with other found items ...

Well! take care and have a great weekend!
~ gem ~