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Posting this as my (legitimate, yet) cop-out reason for why I've been virtually invisible and unable to


let alone upload images of, or post stories about


for the past several months. See ...

Our elementary school throws this "5th Grade Luncheon" each year - a big themed bash for the graduating 5th graders - their last hurrah as gradeschoolers before they move on to big bad middle school. It's completely funded and "produced" (

'cause BELIEVE ME, it


a production!

) by the PTA and parent volunteers. And as I have a 5th grader, I volunteered to help with this year's event back when we started school in August. There are committees for Fundraising (

I offered to chair -?!- the Friday ice cream sales during lunch group - which means I have been trapped in an elementary school CAFETERIA selling ice cream to K-5'ers for 3 hours every Friday for the past 14 weeks ... oooooohhh, goooodtiiiiimes

...) Entertainment, Food, Games, etc ... Many of us on more than one committee, and you'd be surprised at the number of parent volunteers we have considering there are almost 110 5th graders. As in, how FEW there are ... well, don't get me started on that rant, so just nevermind ...

Our chosen theme this year is the 'Wild West" (last year's was "Survivor") and it


been a little wild getting to this point - but we're getting it together and it's looking good! A little less than a month 'til the party (June 2), and yesterday was Reveal Day - where the kids get to find out what their party's theme is. They did a scavenger hunt around campus - clue by clue eventually leading them to the cafeteria, where we were set up to hand out their invitations to the party: Part of this process was each student getting "deputized" by the principal - and


where my 120 sheriff's badges come into play! Really I only used about 112 of them, but it was still quite something to handwrite all those names on leeeetle teeny labels ... luckily I actually enjoy stuff like that so it was no trouble. And I only messed up like 4 of them - and not by smudging or shaky handwriting, but I was working of the registrar's classlists and some of the kids don't go by their "formal" names, so unless I knew the kid personally, I had to go by what was on the list. But I was there, Sharpie in hand, to fix any mistakes or add any kids I missed, so it was all good : )

And blah blah blah - moral of the story is - TREASURE your PTA Moms -n- Dads-n-Teachers, 'cause they do so much more than you can imagine! I've only gotten involved in a heavy-duty capacity this year myself (I was always a more behind the scenes at-home-work, class party type helper), and I'm amazed by what really gets accomplished by these people. It really does take a tremendous amount of time and effort.

And I'll be SO happy when my commitment is OVER.

C'monnnn, summer vacation!

See ya when I see ya!

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