Pink & Brown Deco, Redux

This poor, poor little deco. So here's the 3rd remake of this themed deco that's currently going around Nervousness and is TRYing to get home to her owner! - The original was accidentally ruined

(involved a toddler and a shower - never a good combo, yeah?)

so that artist replaced it with a realllly nicely done design and was the one I worked my "Garden Party" page in. I then mailed it off to next player 'round the end of May and it still has not arrived.

(Florida to Pennsylvania. Not exactly a haul.)

Since it was lost on my watch I offered to make a NEW replacement, and this is what I came up with:

I'm not super thrilled with my deco-making of late, which is why I am on a self-imposed break from making & decorating - other than the ones I already have lined up. This one however was an emergency makeup deco, so therefore doesn't count. :D It's made with scrapbooking paper covers, 2 shades of pink cardstock for interior pages, sorta "postbound" style with brads, and a rubberstamped image on the front (which, is upside down.) for the title text which is

P & B

in letter stickers.

~ gem ~