Altered Art Folder

This is a Very Long Overdue PIF gift for a gal at Nervousness. She graciously sent me nice batch of clear wax crayons at Easter-time

(I use them as resists, mostly in background-making)

and I promised I'd make something for her in return. And here it is kneedeep in summer and I've only just gotten myself together and finished this up.

I got the idea from a how-to posting at Lisa Vollrath's site

Go Make Something

(you will need to register to view most of the stuff there, but it is free and SO worth it)

I have a box FULL of old AOL CDs - ones in folders, tins, etc - so I had no problem getting my supplies together: AOL folder

(I tossed the disc, as I wasn't going to alter it as part of my project)

, cardstock - I used a plain beigey brown, inks including Ranger's Distress Ink in Walnut Stain, and a handful of my favorite rubberstamps.

First I seperated apart the AOL folder and traced onto my cardstock as shown on Lisa's site, and cut out the pieces, gluing the two sides together

(but leaving the flap part open for now)

Then I applied a light colored


ink pad directly to the cardstock to swipe some color lightly all over, on both sides. Then I used the same color to rubberstamp my images in a random, collage-y fashion, until all areas were covered. I used the darker distress ink to stamp some accents inside the section where the pocket would be, along the back edge, and I stamped a frame type image and some text onto a scrap of the cardstock to make a title embellishment, which I glued on to the front cover. At this point I used the darker brown and distress inks to ink all the edges of the folder (make sure you fold it up and check all the sides!) Then I glued the inside flap over to create the pocket, and after it was dry I stuffed it with some handmade ATC envelopes and a couple other goodies - all soon to be on their way to beehive in New York.

It was a fun way to both try a new technique


fulfill an ART-trade obligation!

Now go sign up to that site and, as Lisa says:

Go Make Something


I'm getting ready to

Go Out to Dinner

, myself - so see ya later!

~ gem ~