Journal Style Letter

So, I'm in this swap at Nervousness right now and one of the items we're to send our partner is a personal letter in journal style. I don't really like to write so I kinda agonized over this and waited til the last minute to finish it, but here it is:

The paper is handpainted with my standard BG technique (see previous posting) and then collaged just a bit with some magazine and computer printed images, plus some vinyl stickers - lines were added with an acrylic paint wash. The writing was done in Sharpie (

after many attempts with PITT pens, Flairs, ZIGs

) - the Sharpie just let me work alot faster, and it didn't turn out TOO bad, even with my horrible hodgepodge mess of handwriting (I've always envied those journal'ers who had font-perfect writing!) Accents were added with my new favorite!

White Gel Pen

- and I colored in some of the letters (

which I wasn't crazy about afterwards, but -eh- I can nitpick anything I've made to death so may as well just stop now

). Anyway it's done, it's true to what I was feeling when I wrote it, and hopefully will speak to the recipient in some way.

Now I gotta jet - summertime is upon us and the end of the school year is SO busy I can barely keep up ... just gotta tough it out a couple more weeks then sweeet sweeet summer ... ahhhh. Love it!

~ gem ~